Member Resources

Milia, Community Service, III%


A full list of frequently asked questions and answers to most common questions about our organization and how we operate.

Patriot University

Oh yes we did!  We have revived the brainchild of Pattoneer here for a virtual, online learning experience for patriots!

Patriot Library

Perfectly paired with Patriot University, the Patriot Library is a collection of books and manuals for emergencies and training.

Gear List

A full list of gear that you’re recommended to have and how to pack it and where and when to use it.


List of organizations whom are threats to liberty or our safety.  Please review these listings carefully as it can save your life.

National Charter

The official document that establishes our organization and how it is run and who will run it in the future.

Global Chat 
Only logged in users are allowed to enter the chat

All platforms are attempting to censor patriot groups.  We have been removed from MeWe and Zello.

New Report