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Your Rights To Speech

As a patriot organization, we deeply cherish and codify the inalienable rights of all me and women as well as the Bill of Rights, including your rights to privacy and free speech.  For more information on our privacy policy, refer to that document.

However, there are limitations to your rights to free speech on our website.  While we do support and defend your ability to express your opinions and criticisms of anyone here or outside of our organization, there are activities we do not allow.


You are not allowed to circumvent mechanisms that we have in place that allows members to block your access to their profile and block your access from communicating with them.  To violate this policy will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

Threats Of Bodily Harm

You are not allowed to use any of our information systems or communications to communicate any threat of bodily harm.   This includes remarks such as, “I’ll kick your ***” or “How about we meet up somewhere and work this out”.  These are all threats that can be interpreted by the victim and a court to be a threat of bodily harm.  If we allowed this behavior and a court of law agrees with a victim of this website, they look at us as allowing it and that makes us and the website administrators accessories to a crime.


You are not allowed to spam.  Spam is defined as the posting of unsolicited advertisements or content that simply doesn’t belong for some self or corporate promotion.  Spam will be immediately deleted and the account it originates from will have their accounts deleted.

Illegal Activities

You may not, by order of law, communicate, discuss, provoke, incite, or advocate for any law to be broken nor may you discuss, communicate, provoke, incite, or advocate for any illicit activity on this website or off of this website.

Your Rights To Expression

We view memes, images, music, and other content that you upload as an extension of your Freedom of Expression.  However, like the Freedom of Speech, there are limitations that hing on morality and legal precedents.

Copyright Infringements

According to the Fair Use Act, you are allowed to copy text and image-based content so long as it is copied for the intent to educate or to be used as news.  Notwithstanding, you may not upload anything else that is copyrighted or subject to copyrights that you do not have sole ownership of.

You may not upload copyrighted software to our website in any form unless it is licensed under the Apache License, Creative Commons (CC) License, or the General Public License (GPL).   Failure to heed this will result in your ability to upload files to be restricted or your account banned.

Shocking Material

You are not allowed to use our website to give others PTSD.  This is not being funny.  Please ensure that any images you post that are gruesome or have a shock value to them, that there are warnings that precede that image.

For example, if you’re posting a video of someone shooting someone, ensure you post that video to your PROFILE GALLERY and link to it from a post that you make with a WARNING in the post that it is graphic.


You are not allowed to post pornography to our website.  Pornography is any material which exposes a female’s areola, or any pubic areas on both males and females.

You are not allowed to post any pictures of minors without their parent’s consent and all photographs of minors must be in appropriate clothing at all times – the same clothing you would expect to see them dressed in at school under school dress codes.

Your Rights To Privacy

You have a very unique right to privacy on our website.  We take great strides to safeguard your information and we give you the freedom to determine what you want kept private and what you want public.  We also block public access to ALL Profile data, member data, and group data.  You must be a registered user before you can see these listings or profile information.  Thereafter, group admins and profile owners can adjust their privacy to further determine what people can see and not see.

Right to Expunge

You have the right to have all of your data to be removed from public view.  You do not have the right to have your data deleted (The “Right to be forgotten”).  We must retain your data for security purposes of our remaining members when you leave and if you have purchased anything from our store, we must retain those records for tax purposes.

Privacy Circumvention

You may not attempt to exploit the privacy of others on our website.  That is defined as friending someone in effort to share their information with others who has not friended them.

Likewise, you may not use any information that you find in private areas of our website in any other website or venue other than our website with the same privacy (or better) than the user who shared the content.

Privacy Policy

We have published an extremely comprehensive privacy policy to describe how we safeguard your data and what we do with your data.  We also explain what 3rd party companies have access to your data and why they have that access.

Global Chat 
Only logged in users are allowed to enter the chat

All platforms are attempting to censor patriot groups.  We have been removed from MeWe and Zello.

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