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Greetings fellow patriots!

Today, I bring you some of the best news I think I can bring. It’s usually been pretty drab around here with defeat after defeat from social networks, communications providers, and the works. But today I have found us a new communications application that I am will be mandating to be used.

It’s better than Signal, it’s better than Zello, it’s better than all of the other apps and programs combined. It looks a LOT like discord but the server is in OUR OWN server, data is ENCRYPTED end-to-end (not user-to-server which then sits on that server decrypted like Zello and Discord does). Best yet, it supports video, voice, and text channels – the creation of communities with their own rooms and channels as well as file sharing capabilities.

As a word of warning, with great encrption comes great complecations. Every 24 hours your key will refresh which means you have to completely close the app and sign back in. If you ever uninstall the app or program from your phone or PC you will NOT have access to your messages after that because your security key will be gone forever.

This is the most secure platform I’ve yet to see and it’s free and the government hates it. This is signal on crack and not only just signal on crack but we know EXACTLY where our data is going and where it is stored.

(Here is where it is stored)

This is in MY OFFICE in Princeton, NC. Only I and my wife have access to the room, and only I and my wife have console access to the server.

NO ONE CAN STEAL YOUR DATA OR COMMS! This is it, this is the definitive app you can use to discuss whatever you want however you want without having to worry about big brother. The weakest link will be the person you’re talking to or the room you’re talking in – if you trust those individuals, you’re as safe as their intergrity is strong.

To start using this, download Element.

Then, set the home server to (this is my company).

Now, just create an account and sign in. When you’re done, make a post in our forums here and let me know you’ve joined and I’ll invite you to the appropiate channels.

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