The QAnon Scam

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The QAnon Scam

Let me cover a few bases right quick. Firstly I know who the real Q is and I’ve never been a QAnon because I know who Q is.

Who is the real Q? The real Q is a military organization that remains anonymous who exposes high ranking military criminals without compromising national security to Military Police.

Q was started by the US Army Signal Corps after 3 generals were able to get away with sexual misconduct in a foreign country by knowingly acting under the protections of classifications – ie, their agendas were classified, their locations were classified, etc. When everything about a high ranking military official is classified, it’s really hard for the MP’s to do their jobs and when they ask you, knowing what happened, you can respond only with “That is true” or “That is untrue” or “I am not at liberty to answer that question” or “I don’t know”.

So, lets make a mock setting here. A MP asks me, a witness to sexual misconduct; “Did you see the general do something to the girl?”

I can respond, “Yes”.

Now the MP asks, “Where did this happen?”

I can only respond with, “I’m not at liberty to answer that question.”

You can now start to see the dilemma the US Military faced. Q began to send information to the MP’s in the form of QUESTIONS to ask witnesses which is why the Qanon posts look to be almost in code.

Imagine a MP being given this letter:

General Doe’s took a fall in Chișinău.
The Fly knows.

Now imagine the MP asking:

Did this happen in Moldova?

I can now answer yes.

Then the MP asks, “Who is the fly?”

I can now answer the informant who was there with us [who is not bound by the NSA]

And I’ve just led the MP’s to their witness who can tell them everything they need to know.

It’s important to understand who Q is and what Q does to understand the fraud we’re seeing today. Q is likely one of the most American organizations on this planet who greatly adores the US Constitution and the justice it brings.

QAnon, a perversion of Q is an organization that has kept every follower docile and compliant for the past 4 years when you should have been pissed and ready to fight years ago during the first impeachment. But no one was concerned, why? Because Q said it’s part of the plan.

What plan? The plan changes every time something fails. Allow me to give you an alternative to what is happening here. The Deep State created a fake organization based on what they fear the most, Q (from the US Army Signal Corps), and tell you that they support Trump and Trump is the man and everything is going according to plan and no matter how bad it looks, this must be achieved to reach an end-goal of total justice.

Does that sound familiar? It should because that’s what QAnon has done the entire time. This is manipulation from someone who has no damn clue what is happening. Their only goal is keeping you quiet and complacent. In fact, keeping you comfortable during the elections is likely what lost us the election because perhaps to some it wasn’t that important to take off of work to get down to the polls.

As of late, every prediction Qanon and those whom identify with QAnon has epically failed. QAnon guaraneed the elections wouldn’t be certified by the states and they were. Then he said it was part of the plan, they had to certify the fraud to be convicted (this is BS btw). Then he said it wouldn’t be certified by Congress. It was. And then he said they had to certify the fraud to be convicted and it was all part of the plan.

Now, that it is almost a guarantee that Joe Biden will be inaugurated on January 20, 2021, the QAnon narrative has shifted to one of the most bogus, laughable narratives I’ve heard in a long time that goes well above and beyond that of flat earthers: Trump dissolved the “Corporate America” and “re-established the People’s America” and therefor “Trump will be inaugurated in this new America on March 14th.”

Can no one else see that they’re being lied to? Can they not see how silly that statement is? The United States of America is not a “corporation”, it is a sovereign government whether it is run by corporations or by the people the inauguration date remains unchanged unless laws are amended.

Trump supporters should be so pissed off right now that they should be storming capitol buildings. They should be tarring and feathering every traitor politician in DC and in State Capitols. This is how we’ve historically handled our business because our country doesn’t fix itself – we fix it. Others around the world come to America because we fixed our country from within and it wasn’t always fixed with rainbows and sunshine folks – we put blood sweat and tears into fixing this nation from a bloody revolution, to a Mexican invasion (if you know history, then you know I’m not talking about illegal immigration), to a bloody Civil War.

We, Americans, don’t run to other countries to fix our problems. But that’s exactly what QAnon is causing. Instead of us rising up together and united and ousting these corrupt politicians, we have allowed QAnon to placate the majority of our patriots without holding him accountable for his bullshit brainwashing.

Let me be crystal clear: There is no plan. The only thing that saves us this very moment is for us to realize there is a problem and that problem is Qanon and our Government. At that point we can then devise plans to correct our path or completely pick a new path for this country. We ARE the legal rulers of our nation and we can remain that way if we take charge and do as our founding fathers intended and USE the 2ND AMENDMENT to take this country back from the deep state who have all identified themselves (likely the only positive thing Qanon did was give us time to identify them all).

America’s future is in your hands. Are you going to ante up or fold up?

4 thoughts on “The QAnon Scam”

  1. Great article. It was what I suspected all along. Wish you had published this months ago. So many people I know have been believing and wanting to believe in ‘the plan’ that they have sat back and done nothing. Whenever I talked about it their response was always, ‘trust the plan’.

  2. I personally never put stock in things I do not see Or know first hand so. here I am still waiting as I have been for years for other people to come to the same conclusion that we are well past time to be storming capitals. we have let the enemy of the united states placate us and fool us. the time for action is now who will lead us

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