MeWe Joins With Facebook Censorship

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MeWe Joins With Facebook Censorship

Once again, Guardians of Liberty has been censored from another platform: MeWe. Without notice, rhyme or reason, we woke up this morning to find our group just gone. Groups that are deleted by people can be “recovered”, however there is no recovery option at all.

The left is terrified of freedom and men and women who know their freedoms are a gift from God. I’ve already had the questions asked, “How come III% XXXXXXX Patriots didn’t get deleted?” You can insert any name into this you want and the answer is the same – your organization isn’t doing enough – perhaps you aren’t training or perhaps none of your members went to DC or perhaps none of your members are planning to go to a state capitol on the 20th? The reasons are endless but the common denominator is the organization simply isn’t organizing any events. We are.

It would seem that Gab is the last platform left with any hope of social networking without censorship and folks there have been already warned that protest events cannot be planned on the platform. With that being said, we will be planning all future events on this website only.

We ask that everyone get the link to this site out on all social media platforms to get people to the website after these censorships. I’d like to think that after each deletion event, we become stronger.

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