Christianity and Sedition

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Christianity and Sedition

I’ve had some “knock-down” and “drag-out” verbal fights with my pastor lately about this topic and I wanted to share my thoughts with everyone on this today.

When I first joined my church, the Pastor was still rather new and growing as a Christian himself and so was I. The pastor, like me, was also a US Army Veteran so he was more forgiving when I let some foul language slip. I could describe him then as a patriot.

However, as of late, and some joint-efforts to study the Bible, things took a rather unintentional turn. After reading several books in the New Testament, the pastor confided in me that he didn’t believe that sedition and rebellion was something the Bible allowed for.

This wasn’t a matter of opinion either – I could tell he was really struggling with this idea being a US Army Veteran and he came armed with quotes. When I reminded him, “Jesus told his disciples to sell their cloaks and buy a sword”, he replied with, “He also told Matthew afterwards to stay his blade because those who live by the sword, die by the sword.”

He quoted many other passages in the Bible that greatly speaks out and against sedition and rebellion and I tend to agree my stance was becoming very weak from the Christian Prospective.

But how is that possible? There must be something our Christian Founding Fathers – great patriots – used to justify their rebellion and sedition, right?

Well, folks, you’re about to get a first-hand glimpse of the argument I intend on delivering to him on Wednesday of this coming week.

We know from the lessons of Gideon, Elijah and other Judges that God doesn’t intervene himself. He always works through his children. All of the miracles of the Bible weren’t initiated by God, but a believer in God who invokes God to perform a Miracle. As we also know, miracles don’t happen to those whom are idle and invoking God, they only happen mostly when you are fighting for God or God’s children.

It’s important to first understand this so we can take all of the hypothetical situations where “God will fight the fight for us” off the table. Indeed he’s very rarely ever done this. This is where I can make the supposition with other verses to back me up, that it’s okay to wage a war for protection and even liberation.

Luke 10:19 “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

In Luke 10:19, Jesus tells his disciples that he has granted them the power to tread over their enemies. This word tread is used exactly as the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag is used – to subvert, oppress, or to neutralize. While I will agree that Jesus wanted us to only use bloodshed as a last resort, he didn’t tell us not to use bloodshed, in fact he told us the opposite when he told his disciples to arm themselves with swords.

But oddly, there is a Psalm that is very similar to this.

Psalm 44:5 “Through thee will we push down our enemies: through thy name will we tread them under that rise up against us.”

There is that word tread again. It pops up all over the Bible when talking about how to deal with those whom wage war against you.

But that’s exactly what is going on here. We’re not waging war against anyone. They are waging war against us. That I believe is the first rule of Biblical Sedition.


The Bible tells us that God ordains the rulers of every nation (Romans 13:1), however who is the rulers of our nation? The Constitution of the United States tells us who:

“We, the people, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Let’s trim that down to what is consequential here:

“We, the people … do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

We are the rulers of our nation, and according to the Bible we are ordained by God to be so. While we have a representative authority, they are not rulers, but servants of the People. When they, after being duly warned by three centuries of the existence of the 2nd Amendment, try to subvert the will of the rulers, then they are waging war against the rulers.

The first rule is simply that we are not the ones waging war. The tyrants are and have made themselves our foes which grants us the authority to stand against them and “tread” on them.


God says we are to obey our civil governments until they go against the law of God (Matthew 22:20-22). However, it is our civil government that enumerates the unfettered right to form, train, and be in militias with every person having the right to keep and bear arms because it is “necessary to the security of a free state”.

Our civil government has it written into law that we have the authority to rebel and commit sedition against the government if the security of our free state is challenged. The wordplay here is important – it didn’t say the security of the state – as in to defend against an invading military – it said “free state” as in to defend our liberty.


But this all comes down to the golden rule (Matthew 7:12), “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you: do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.”

I would certainly want others to fight for my freedom and liberty, I would want them to stand beside me and fight for our country’s liberty, and I would want them to help me defend my family in the face of tyranny, I would want them to help me remove the threats of satin and evil from this nation. Therefor I finish with the third and most critical rule: Who can tell me that standing idle in the face of all of this is not breaking Jesus’s Golden Rule?

I like to end any scripture and sermon with a prayer. For this I pray:

Our Great God, Lord and Savior, I ask that you grant the People the wisdom of the Holy Spirit guiding their decisions to be within your will and want. I Pray, Oh Lord, that the truths of this world will be revealed sooner than later, that Satan’s agents are revealed for who they are and reap your expeditious divine judgement, and, Oh, Lord, I pray that you watch over and guide this nation back to your Divine Grace. In Jesus Name: Amen.

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