The Critical Moment in American History

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The Critical Moment in American History

I look around right now at the current events and this country doesn’t even resemble the country it once was under Clinton and Bush. After 9-11 I thought that such a tragedy had finally healed the festering wounds in America that seemed to be slowly dividing people.

However, I was mistaken. The moment I realized those wounds were still festering was when a president watched as the media reported, “A white male has slain a black child” with a lightened image of Mr Zimmerman, a Cuban Refugee who was volunteering for the community watch who he shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense and addressed the nation with, “If I had a son, he would be Trayvon Martin” because of his skin color. As it turned out, he was a common thug and Zimmerman had acted in self defense.

The problem had existed before, it was at this moment that the problem became so obvious. If I have to tell you what the problem is, then by virtue of your inability to comprehend basic civics and sociology, I cannot argue or reason with you and it would be a waste of time to explain. Time – that’s what we’re now out of.

While some will blame Trump, it wasn’t his fault – the problem existed before-hand and his inability to openly speak about it without his words being twisted against him as being racist, he could only make it worse. In fact, he did give it a valiant effort to address the issue. In doing so, his words were twisted to make it sound as if he supported White Nationalists and the KKK.

We are now in a post-liberty America. In spite of the alarms that I, this organization, and other organizations have raised over the past several years of social justice and it’s infringement on free speech, it’s been allowed to become status quo. People feel as if they can’t speak how they feel in fear of being called a name that will ruin their livelihoods. They can’t support a political candidate, and going out to vote is even cumbersome when your name has to be given to a poll worker who is wearing the opposing candidates’ paraphernalia.

Today, the death-throws of liberty ended in the total collapse of the First Amendment as the President of the United States found himself banned from nearly every main-stream social media platform out there. When he fled to other alternative, free-speech social media platforms, Google and Apple both removed those social media platforms from their stores making it impossible to access those apps from your phone.

But why? Because he told patriots to go protest in front of the Capitol Building which was already on the itinerary. And, when we got there, we were invited in by Capitol Police. Sure, there were some bad actors, there always are, but even the videos of the main crowd in the halls of the Capitol Building shows a peaceful, crowd of patriots moving through and waiving their flags. This was not a riot. This was a setup.

While we still have the 2nd Amendment, it is limited. Any further infringement, such as that which is threatened by the Joe Biden campaign promises and his now left-wing dominated House and Senate will ensure that we lose that as well.

We are at the most critical juncture we could find ourselves in. We, as patriots, we, the people, have a choice to make this very moment and not a second later – that choice is what the deepest pit of your gut tells you is right. That choice is to decide whether or not it’s time for a violent overthrow of our government.

Too harsh? I have talked with my own pastor about this for months – “what if”. He’s a patriot but for the life of us we couldn’t find in the Bible where Jesus or any of the prophets have ever mentioned that it’s okay to fight against your government. In fact, in every instance it says it is wrong.

But then I stumbled across something odd. The Bible says that you can’t rebel against your government because the rulers are ordained to rule by God, himself. Then it hit me – in the United States of America, it is we, the people who are the rulers and when someone tries to usurp that power then it is an invasion and we, as rulers of our own nation have the authority of God to rid our country of those invaders.

Everyone reading this should be doing a serious gut-check right now. Everyone should be sitting down and considering what is important in their lives. Your job? Your money? Your time with your family? Or your freedom? Your family’s freedom? Your freedom to keep your own money? Your freedom to work without the threat of being fired if you disagree with the political beliefs of your employer?

You can vote yourself into tyranny, but you have to fight your way out of it. That’s a fact history has taught us. You can’t negotiate with tyranny and you can’t reason with tyranny. There is only one way out of this mess and it’s going to get messy. If you have the stomach for it, REGISTER on our website right now and join your state’s group. If your state doesn’t have a group CREATE ONE.

There ARE plans in the works to put this country back on the right path which includes a fully constitutional and legal process – and yes – violence is LEGAL at a certain point which you will learn all about soon enough – if you have the stomach.

Therefor, let it be known that in accordance with the Declaration of Independence, “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government“, we, the People, the Guardians of Liberty intend on exercising the right of the PEOPLE to abolish our government and reform it.

10 thoughts on “The Critical Moment in American History”

  1. Im also a U.S.Army Vet.I would like to sign up for whatever militia i need to be in to fight for our country.We Will Have Liberty

  2. Good afternoon USMC Vet here I was at the capital for the rally. It was a good idea with no organization and no leadership. the time to fight is now but we can not go off half cocked and as individuals. we do have the numbers to reclaim the country we swore to protect. We must be smarter than our enemies they have tools we do not.

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