ALERT: Left-Wing Using Conspiracy Theories YOU SHARE Against Trump!

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ALERT:  Left-Wing Using Conspiracy Theories YOU SHARE Against Trump!

We need you to read this message closer than you’ve ever read a message in your life. We need you to make this viral – share it everywhere and anywhere you can! The fate of our country depends on it.

It has come to our attention through relentless digging and investigation that the left-wing and big tech is creating and using conspiracy theories to pacify the right-wing until Biden takes command and control of the Department of Defense.

There is so much information it simply wouldn’t make sense if it were just all posted here. So, I’m going to break this down and use one example of how this is being used.

A few days ago the conspiracy theory began to circulate that claimed that Trump was executing a large-scale sting operation for election fraud. This conspiracy was backed up by a pending patent (application # 20200258338), titled “SECURE VOTING SYSTEM”.

This came to our attention when this patent simply did not exist on the patent office’s (Federal .gov) website.

We then began digging. The results were shocking. We found that it was Google and it’s subsidiaries that had any record and authority of record of this patent.

We were able to track these “theories” back to an anonymous, 1-day old Twitter Post that cited this patent, which we have hereby deemed FAKE.

But was it the right-wing that started such a conspiracy theory? No. While it is understandable that the right-wing would try and latch on to any hope that Trump may still be the victor of this election, this does not help the right-wing quite as much as it aids the left-wing.

There is one other piece of evidence we will submit without a fact check or archived screenshot simply because it’s “common knowledge”. Has anyone noticed that Twitter, Google, and Facebook has yet to fact check or censor these conspiracy theories? Why would they censor a video showing fraud the moment it is uploaded yet not censor something like this.

Folks, you are a victim of a massive PsyOps (Psychological Operation). Facebook, Twitter, and Google is using your confirmation bias and desperation to placate you and all of your friends. It’s an engineered outcome. If you can be pacified just long enough to give Joe Biden command and control of the Department of Defense – it is all over for us – a true end-of-the-world scenario where we will be punished and persecuted for our support of the president.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance that you, and every other conservative (show them this message) post and share only the facts you KNOW, not the facts that make you feel good. That’s the only way we win this PsyOp.

Furthermore, you need to encourage your friends to get fed up, to get off their asses and be ready to fight. Don’t help the left placate the right. Fire your friends up, tell them there is no shame in fighting for what you KNOW is right!

I would also recommend joining a militia. However, there are some bad ones out there – some big bad ones. On the surface everything looks great, but consider that some of these militias have ten times the intel abilities we have and yet they are peddling these conspiracy theories to their members from a “National Board”. If you are in this kind of militia, GET OUT IMMEDIATELY! They’re in on it.

2 thoughts on “ALERT: Left-Wing Using Conspiracy Theories YOU SHARE Against Trump!”

  1. Pattoneer and all Americans, my condolances on the fraud that has taken place on your side of the ocean, what’s been stolen from you is not an election but the best hope for peace in a time of civil unrest.
    Stay strong, and most of all, stay sharp, stay just, if this goes wrong, the consequences will be felt worldwide for generations.

    You have my respect and regards from Europe!

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