Defense Of Election Theft

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Defense Of Election Theft

As we’re all watching, the US Elections for 2020 is being stolen, not just for president but for US Senate, US House, and even the gubernatorial races as well. There isn’t even any attempt to hide it. The result curves show a strong shift for Biden outside of statistical norms from other states – where the left has claimed that it was “absentee ballots” that inflated the votes (but did not happen in California and other states were Biden was expected to win).

We’ve also all see the videos running rampant on Facebook of election staff actively engineering votes, enmasse.


It’s not just about what we’ve seen, but what we knew would happen. We saw this coming the moment they started to talk about mail-in ballots (not just absentee ballots). These are not the same. Absentee ballots are solicited ballots. You must call your board of elections and prove your identity in order to get one of these ballots. The mail-in ballots are unsolicited which means they just arrive in your mail-box or from friendly left-wing neighbors. These ballots are ripe for fraud and manipulation – like being able to write an anonymous check. No case can be made that this “new system” wouldn’t allow for rampant fraud.

So not only have we seen this take place in front of our own eyes without any attempts to mask it, we’ve seen it now get legally challenged by the President (and won in some cases).

This is unprecedented. But Trump will not be able to challenge all of the states that are falling to this fraud.

We also know Biden gaffed a foreshadowing of events before the elections claiming he had the largest election fraud network. And we also know that General Flynn has “Called the Ball” and is asking for patriots’ help.


The call is being made to activate Guardians of Liberty in any capacity necessary to secure the states we are in against this fraud. Nothing more will be said about that topic.

However, I will say this.

If you will not fight for the security of a free state as the 2nd Amendment states, if you will not fight to protect your constitution as the Oath of Enlistment states, you will not fight nor do you stand for a damned thing.

Those who call themselves patriots making excuses NOT to fight are the epitome of what it is to be a bootlicker no matter the organization calling for a stand-down. If you believe this is not worth fighting for – if you believe it is not worth everything you have, you haven’t been paying attention. The democrats realize how important this is to them and they have risked being convicted of treason to pull it off! If you can’t take the same risk, then you’re worse than a leftist. You are yellow.

If you aren’t prepared to fight, prepare to be ruled by a socialist tyranny.

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