WARNING: Antifa Using Honeypots to Ruin Patriots’ Livelihoods

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WARNING: Antifa Using Honeypots to Ruin Patriots’ Livelihoods

What is a honeypot you ask? Back in my days of programming, it was a method we used to identify spam bots. Essentially, it was the act of creating a form field that a real person couldn’t see, but bots could (hidden by CSS or JavaScript). If the form field was filled out, we knew it was a spam bot and knew to discard the entire submission.

The way this is done today to trap people is an attacker will setup a website that looks entirely legitimate or they may hack into a legitimate website and have new or existing members fill out an “application” form. Instead of this form information getting sent to the organization they’re applying for, nefarious individuals and organizations like Antifa, get that data and use it to ruin your life because you usually send them your name, phone number, address, and date of birth giving them near full access to your background, place of employment, and other vital information.

Antifa is now bragging about doing this on their own website. After a little research it would seem they have honeypots setup for a LOT of patriot organizations. This research focuses in on one, Andrew Brewer, a JROTC student in high school who hit one of Antifa’s honeypots and they have doxed him – a 17 year old male. But they didn’t stop there. When he was granted admission to George Mason University, Antifa had petitions circulate the campus and gathered 7,000 signatures demanding the university rescind his admission. They did.

How do you avoid the honeypot? You have to know how to apply to these organizations to avoid a honeypot. Honeypots are very clever and very sneaky and usually spoof websites much like phishing emails do that steal billions from Americans every day.

To help you understand where you would need to apply for some of these organizations, I will list a few below.

III% Origionals

III% Originals has only one website. Use that website and only that website to apply for membership.

III% American Patriots (3AP)

3AP has but one website as well. Us only that website when applying.

Lightfoot Militia

If you are in Guardians of Liberty or any of the above organizations already, you will be contacted by a representative. Do not seek out membership to this organization as it is invite only.

Sons Of Liberty

Sons of Liberty is currently invite only with no unified website for recruitment. It is best not to seek out membership to this organization until they have a unified recruitment page.

III% United Patriots (3UP)

3UP no longer has a unified website where you can apply for membership. It’s best to avoid membership to 3UP until they do.

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