Kyle Rittenhouse and You

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Kyle Rittenhouse and You

On August 25, 2020, a teenager by the name of Kyle Rittenhouse stood his ground amid a violent protest and shot and killed 3 rioters with an AR-15 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. While every camera angle taken that night that covered 99.9% of the events that unfolded conclusively demonstrates self-defense, Kyle was arrested and charged with 1st Degree Murder.

This is a scene from the debated “First Shot” where the left states that Kyle acted first and without provocation for self-defense. That is simply untrue.

As it turns out, Kyle was asked to be there to help safeguard a business. Much like we were a month ago. Things here are very eerily similar.

There are some things that as patriots we must learn from this situation with Kyle. Firstly, this confirms many things I’ve been admonished for in the past: Video and Live Streams is absolutely mandatory in operations. OpSec should be seen as a secondary measure when you are NOT 100% certain you have the support of law enforcement. This isn’t the military – we don’t run military operations – we and other patriots are independent organizations that can at the drop of a hat can be deemed a terrorist organization. In the military, you are following orders given by the authority of the President of the United States. You don’t have to tell anyone a damned thing about the orders you get or what you did on an operation. You are protected by National Security. As a patriot in a patriot organization, you are NOT protected and therefor your actions must be documented if you wish to have any personal protection from legal ramifications.

Look at it like this: The more OpSec there is, the more the public has no choice but to trust the government in their decisions to arrest or classify us as terrorists. However, the more we come into the light – the more we advertise our operations and the safety and good intentions that are at the focus of those operations, the less government, police, and local politicians have the ability to lodge baseless accusations at patriot organizations.

Kyle would have benefited greatly from a live stream especially one that documented exactly why he was there, what he was doing, and what his goals were. When the shit hit the fan, this video would have been admissible evidence and likely a big turn-off from any District Attorney from proceeding with charges as high as murder one.

But there is one takeaway that should be sobering for us all: This is war and the first shots have been fired in self defense and that patriot has been arrested and charged with murder. The government is NOT your friend!

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