Massive Facebook Censorship Leaves Group Founders Banned

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Massive Facebook Censorship Leaves Group Founders Banned

It is now official that today marks an era in history that – at least for those of us in the United States – was only stories told in science fiction books to illustrate a strange, alien, and oppressive world authored by George Orwell and others. Today, the founders of our organization, including the administrators and moderators of our Facebook Group, along with countless other patriot groups today logged in to find this message.

Message all of our founders and officers saw when logging into Facebook this morning.

In a quest to find what happened we were able to turn up some news articles headlined with QAnon bans, and to our surprise, within these articles, it states that Facebook also targeted “militias or other groups who carry firearms and/or threaten to use them”. It is a censorship of the likes we’ve never seen before.

Let’s review what this means. First of all, it would seem that our community service organization is now classified as a “extremist and violent group”. It’s funny, my pastor was just telling us today in Bible Study why it is so dangerous for the Church to compromise and this lesson plays out right here. When you allow for the compromise of your rights because you don’t like a scary firearm or because you’re offended of what someone said, it always cuts both ways and you leave those you’re compromising with the ultimate authority to set the standards which are generally selfish in nature.

Our group is not violent, in fact we’ve been asked SEVEN times in the past 2 weeks if we could help various law enforcement agencies (which I believe we need to finish getting our own back yards in order before we do that again). That’s not anti-government. We also do background checks on our members and disallow felons from joining us. We’re also not violent and have no history of LEGAL VIOLENCE (or our members would have a felony record).

I guess what people fail to realize is our members aren’t redneck do-nothings living in the hills without electricity. Our members are doctors, lawyers, white collar workers, blue collar workers, politicians, business owners, military, law enforcement, veterans, prior law enforcement, and many other walks of life. We are among everyone. We believe in the constitution – ALL of the constitution, and we’re under attack. A WAR HAS BEEN DECLARED ON US.

No, what has happened here is our society has allowed compromise on the 1st Amendment – they have allowed themselves to be convinced that only some speech is acceptable and the rest doesn’t apply to the 1st Amendment. Just like how compromise has been made on the 2nd Amendment and so-on. It’s a literal slippery slope that we have seen play out protected by the argument of fallacy as it came into being.

When an entire group can be removed from a public forum as it has happened and how Facebook has self-professed themselves into being, when people can simply be removed from the public forum simply because they have the testicular fortitude to stand up and do something instead of talking about – the time for talk has ended and the time for action has begun.

Contact all of your friends! Contact those you know to be patriots and ready to do something, and tell them to JOIN US IMMEDIATELY! Now is not the time to wait around and see what will happen next. When good men do nothing, bad men succeed!

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  1. The socialists including the Swamp is seeing this as an opportunity to do away with the second amendment. The NRA is already under fire with attacks from them. As a nation we must be smart, vigilant, and plan to change this rhetoric. Power hungry people won’t stop until they destroy the principles we live by.

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